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Club Silk Membership T&C

Club Silk membership is an exclusive club for VaVarna loyal patrons. We are honoured to have you on board this club through which we offer you many goodies.

Explore our exceptional range & have an unparalleled shopping experience for a lifetime membership fee of Rs. 2500.

  • Club Silk members are offered a signup bonus of upto Rs. 10,500
  • The signup bonus is provided as two discount coupons, each with a discount of upto Rs. 5250. Each signup discount coupons provide 15% off on the entire order value of upto a maximum order value of Rs. 35,000. Please note that the discount is applied only on the product cost, it doesnt apply to shipping, taxes and other costs
  • The signup discount coupons are one time use only. The two coupons are applicable only on the first two orders 
  • Club Silk members also receive cash back of  10 points as against 5 points for every Rs.100 spent on the store. Each 1 point corresponds to Rs. 1
  • Cash back is applicable only on orders where no discount is availed
  • The lifetime membership is a one time fee and is valid for upto 7 years. Post which if the patron wants to extend the membership, can extend so by paying the membership fee applicable at that point
  • VaVarna reserves the right to offer Club Silk membership to any patron, with or without the lifetime membership fees
  • VaVarna reserves the right to invoke membership of any patron if it is observed that the membership is not used in its right spirit
  • VaVarna reserves the right to change the terms & conditions at any point that is necessary
  • All disputes are subject to Chirala, India jurisdiction
  • The membership is open to any individual who is of eighteen years of age and has capacity to enter into a contract. By signing up for Club Silk membership the patron gives consent to the terms and condition mentioned in Club Silk membership along with consent to overall sitewide terms & conditions
  • Limitation of Liability: No liability can be fastened on VaVarna for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense of any kind arising out of or in connection with this scheme, or due to refusal in providing benefits under the scheme whether such loss/ damage/ or expense is caused out of negligence or otherwise and whether VaVarna have any control over the circumstances giving rise to the claim.

    VaVarna shall not be responsible for any loss occurring due to misuse of this program in any manner

For any other queries regarding the referral & reward program please contact us at support@vavarna.com


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